April Fools Pranks For School Teachers

April Fools Pranks For School Teachers

With all the due respect to school as a place for learning, you can have fun at appropriate occasions even at school. Speaking of appropriate occasions to have fun at schools, April fool’s Day is the best occasion. Can you name a day greater than this in the whole year? Yes I know you can’t. It is the time when you can have all the fun in the world. The best part of an April fool’s Day is its tagged stipulation that everything goes. Let’s talk about April fools pranks for school.

April fools prank for school teachers
Who says that the April fool’s Day at school is only for students? April Fool’s Day is all about playing pranks on others. Even the teachers have the equal to make the most out of April fool’s Day. Teachers! Get ready to have some fun on April fool’s Day. Take my word for it. You will find the following April fools prank for school very interesting.

To begin with, choose a topic and take into confidence some of the students from the class. Now ask the selected students or your partners in the joke to bring several pages into the class on the April fool’s day. Tell them that they do not need to write any paper; all they need to do is to bring some papers to make other students think that they have actually written the paper. When the action day comes, ask the students to turn in their paper. This is when the real fun would begin. With exception of those students who were involved with the joke, the whole class would become anxious at the feeling of what they have missed. Enjoy the situation letting the tension build up as high as it can. When you feel the tension is at the peak, you and your partners in crime can now jump up screaming “April Fools!”

On April fool’s Day students can play pranks on teachers and teachers can do the same with the students. Although April fool is a very popular occasion but most people forget about it every year so you can find easy targets. As a matter of fact, you will find a large number of your school friends wake up in the morning of 1st April not knowing what day is that day. These are the people who can be the easiest targets for you to play April fools pranks for school on.

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