April Fools Pranks For School That You Should Avoid

April Fools Pranks For School That You Should Avoid

April fool’s day is one of the days in a year when you are at liberty to play pranks on your friends. This is especially when you are in a large social setting of peers such as school. If you stick to good conduct, April fool’s day can be a quite interesting and hilarious day. You will either be the object of a good laugh when you fall prey to someone’s prank or better still, have a good laugh yourself as you play pranks on your colleagues. However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind especially when you are coming up with April fools pranks for schools; the fact that you are laughing at the expense of someone. On normal occasions, this would be considered rude but in the right environment with the right people, you can have fun.

April fools pranks for school have the potential to turn sour or even to hurt someone when they are not played in the right context. There are those jokes that are classified in the category of bad jokes. These are the kind of jokes that are harmful to a person’s general well being and health; be it physical or mental health or those jokes that can trigger injurious reactions or even death.
When you look at the structure of a joke, it is usually a simple truth conveyed as part of the normal daily routine. This means that it has the capability to be true and only the sender knows whether it is true or not. You convey the joke, observe and laugh at the initial reaction then convey the second message that the first message was not true. This sets the recipients mind on a rollercoaster. When it comes to April fools pranks for school, even more care should be exercised as the subjects of the pranks are school kids who are not yet completely mature.

Example of April fools pranks for school to avoid
There are some forbidden pranks when it comes to April fools pranks for school. Some of the jokes that you should avoid playing are those that involve something bad happening to close friends and relatives. This is for example, telling a person that someone who is close to them is dead, has had an accident or is in a critical condition. The emotional harm caused by such jokes cannot be compensated by simply telling someone that it was just a joke. In addition, the initial reaction to such news might actually cause harm to the person for example, the person might go into shock, become hysterical or even inflict harm upon them due to the emotional anguish.

There are other practical jokes that should not feature in April fools pranks for schools. Such jokes include hazardous behavior such as adding something harmful to someone’s food: the person being played might eat the food before they know it is a joke. Pulling someone’s chair behind them can also cause a fatal fall to the person. Even as you set out to have fun with your schoolmates during April fool’s day, keep of jokes whose laughter might come in the same package with tears and sorrow.

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