Boisterous April Fools Pranks For School Kids

Boisterous April Fools Pranks For School Kids

April is a fun time to pull pranks on seniors, teachers and administrators, and the April fools pranks for school kids can be quite hilarious. Most of the time, pranks are pulled in a classroom by creative pranksters wanting to leave an impression on their classmates, teachers or even administrators. One needs to be particularly careful about the prank they will pull on their teachers. Destructive and mean pranks administered to teachers come with harsh consequences.

For graduating students, April fools pranks may be a memorable experience. Imagine a graduating student crafting a funny prank. It will not only be the ultimate prank that will always be remembered during class reunions, but also it will lighten the occasion. The best graduation pranks are those that fellow graduates can see and appreciate. Another hilarious prank by the graduates is where one smears his right hand with some lotion. When receiving the diploma, he receives it with a clean hand and shakes hand to the presenter with the hand with the lotion. The graduate walks off shaking hands with anyone that comes along his way. It is a frustrating experience to the victims, but farcical to the performer.

For small children in schools, one can prepare a funny and tricky treat for the kids. This can take place in the comfort of their classroom, or in the cafeteria. A good, common prank, which is quite comical, involves use of an apple. In the experiment, a small hole is dug in an apple for each student and a dummy worm is inserted. The teacher will prank the students with the silly food. Mostly, classroom pranks are pulled off by a single prankster on one or a group of victims.

Some April fools pranks for schools are hysterical; though, the prankster needs to be careful not to bear the wrath of the victims. An example of a riotous prankster is in a computer laboratory, where one unplugs the mouse and keyboard of two consecutive computers. When they are switched on, the mouse and the keyboard of one computer controls the other computer. It can be confusing and frustrating, but it is humorous.

One can also pull a prank on the school administrator. This can be the career and guidance counselor, the principal or the nurse. Here, an advertisement is run in the newspaper announcing a job vacancy for the victim’s position. It may be best to run on the eve of April’s fool day. If it works, it is a funny April fools prank for school kids.

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