Brighten Up Your College with These April Fools Pranks for School

Brighten Up Your College with These April Fools Pranks for School

When it’s time for April Fools you need to make sure that you have the best April Fools pranks for school, something that nobody else can top. We’ve picked out 5 of the best ones that you can give a shot to give your college campus a little more than they can chew. Keep in mind that you should do these April Fools pranks for school at your own risk as you could get in some serious trouble if caught.

Wake Your Roommate Up With a Salty Morning
This is a one of the simplest April Fools pranks for school that works great in the dorm room. You get your roommate’s toothbrush, get it wet, and dip it in salt. Shake off the excess salt and replace it where they usually keep it. When they go to brush their teeth, they’ll be up for one salty morning.

I Think Your Tank Got Sugared
This is a tactic that you can use to instill fear in one of your friends who becomes the victim of an April Fools prank. Go to their car, open up the cover to the gas tank (make sure the gas cap is secure to prevent any actual damage) and put sugar around the rim. Leave the cover open, so when they walk up they can see something is up. When they take a closer look they’ll actually think that someone put sugar in their gas tank!

Evacuate the Cafeteria
This is one of the April Fools pranks for school that should create some lasting memories for people around you when you pull this off. Get a hot water bottle and fill it with pea soup, then tape it to your chest. Head to the cafeteria and have your friends sitting around the table. Now you’ll want to make a sound that sounds like you’re barfing, when you do this squeeze the bottle so the green soup goes all over the table. Then have your friends eat it up. Ever wonder how quick a cafeteria can be emptied? Now you’ll know!

This is one of the best April Fools pranks for school that you can pull on someone while they’re in the stall using the bathroom. You’ll fill up some trash cans full of water. Yes, you’ll need some friends to help you out on this. Now take a paper bag with paper inside of it and light it on fire, throw it under the door into the stall that’s occupied then yell FIRE! Once this is done, soak the occupant and the flaming bag with water.

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