Decent and Funny April Fools Pranks for Schools

Decent and Funny April Fools Pranks for Schools

There are countless April Fool Pranks available on numerous websites today, but I would not suggest using them in your school. Before you select any prank to try in your school on April fool’s Day, you should consider some of the points. First of all, it should be decent and not hurting for your subjects and second, that they should not fall under misconduct or indiscipline. Involving in indecent and serious pranks can put you in a lot of trouble.

Having said this, April Fool Day is a time to enjoy and there are a lot of ways you can choose to do that without hurting anybody. A very light prank to start with can be switching the push and pull tags on the entrance doors in your school. Watch people pulling on places where they should pull and vice versa.

Another very good trick can be switching the mouse and keyboard of someone’s computer with yours. Control his computer and watch his or her puzzled face while you do so. It will be as if a ghost is controlling the computer and you will really enjoy the funny reactions from people.
You can stick a quarter on the floor of your school lobby or hall floor. Stand nearby and keep a strip of Velcro ready with you. Keep it hidden though to confuse others. As soon as someone goes down to pick the quarter up, pull apart your Velcro strip so that it produces a loud sound. The person will think that he has torn his or her trousers while trying to pick up the coin.

You can also do some small funny April fools pranks with your teacher. Mind it though, you should not go over! One trick you can do is to take a nail polish and take off its cap. Wrap it with a wax paper and let it dry up. You should do this a night before. On April fool day, take it with you to the class. Send your teacher out making some excuse like a child weeping in the corridor or some other genuine one. Put the dried nail polish on your teacher’s documents. When she walks in, she will think it is spilled on her documents. Reaction will be funny.

All the funny April fool pranks for schools should be kept in a limit. You should never try to hurt someone in trying to make fun. This can get both of you in trouble.

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