Exciting Aprils Fools Pranks For School

Exciting Aprils Fools Pranks For School

April fools is a holiday that is exciting and very enjoyable for school children and everyone around. April fools happens to be the one day that you are entitle to play pranks and jokes on people for a few hours. Many people however find that they are repeating the same jokes year after year because they lack creativity to come up with some new and exciting April fools pranks. For more fun, and in order for the April fools prank to work, you need to be original in such a way that the victims of your prank will not see what’s coming to them.

Technology has made it easier to come up with new and exciting pranks. For example, the computer world provides a generous amount of opportunity for April fools pranks. For example hiding really important documents and causing a frantic such for the same by your victim is often an exciting prank. In addition changing icons and data in the computer owned by your victim in order to bring out some confusion is an easy prank to pull off. The important thing is think of what would cause you to panic if it changes or was found missing from your computer.

The school environment provides an excellent opportunity for April fools pranks. Playing pranks on adults within the school may not be such a bright idea and could cause you trouble. However, fellow classmates and teams are an excellent market for victims. Once you have identified the victim(s), the next step is to come up with the plan and the perfect prank. Always remember that understanding what is important to your victim is vital, in order to come up with a prank that will cause the right amount of confusion and panic. What works for one victim may fail for the next.

In some cases however, the normal classic pranks such as a taped dollar bill and confetti in the umbrellas are an excellent opportunity for tricking your victim. Since you may not be having much money to pull off a serious and expensive April fool prank, ensure that whatever you choose is simple and easy to manipulate and also will not cost you much is anything. A classic prank need not be complicated in the execution; many times in fact a prank that is too complicated only fails at what it is meant to do. Simple and easy to execute pranks are much more fun.

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