Fool Other Students with These April Fools Pranks for School

Fool Other Students with These April Fools Pranks for School

April Fools is a great day, it’s even better when you have one of the best April Fools pranks for school on your side to make for a priceless day. Just make sure that you understand that you’re fully responsible for your actions and if there are any consequences, you’re the only one to be held liable for them. With that said, let’s see what some cool April Fools pranks for school are.

A Gooey Surprise
Grab a few containers of chocolate pudding for this pick of the best April Fools pranks for school. Now, go to the vending machine and dump out the pudding where the snacks drop. When people reach in, they’ll be in for one gooey surprise. Not to mention the thoughts that will be crossing their mind until they notice that it was pudding that they stuck their hand in.

A Slippery Time
This is probably one of the easiest April Fools pranks for schools to pull off and it works where your school’s stairs have rails. What you’re going to do is you’re going to get some Vaseline and rub it all along the stair rails. When someone grabs it, it’s going to be one slippery time for them if they have to hold on to get up the stairs.

Big Test
This pick of the April Fools pranks for school is one that’s sure to worry the victim that it gets pulled on. Get your other classmates to go along with this in order to make it as realistic as possible. Now you’re going to go up to your April Fools victims and ask if they can help you out to cram for the big test that’s happening. When they act all confused, be like you don’t remember?

A Chirping Ceiling
This is one of the April Fools pranks for school that works where you’re school has suspended ceilings (you know, the ceilings where you can push the ceiling tiles up). Grab some crickets from your local pet store. When you go to school, put them up in the ceiling. See how long it takes for someone to catch on to the chirping ceiling!

Inside Out
For this one you’re going to have to act quickly. Get your friends to distract your victim away from their backpack. When they have their attention, take everything out, flip it inside out and replace the belongings. Now zip it up and see how long it takes for them to catch on to their inside out backpack.

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