Fool Your Teacher With These April Fools Pranks for School

Fool Your Teacher With These April Fools Pranks for School

When April Fools comes around the corner you want to make sure that you’re well prepared to reap the benefits that this day has to offer for practical jokers. You need to approach these pranks at your own risk as there are consequences if the teacher doesn’t accept it as a joke. With that said, here are some awesome April Fools pranks for school that you can use to get one over on your teacher.

Make Them Hear the Shot
You just need a balloon to pull off this pick of the April Fools pranks for school off. Find your teacher’s car and place the balloon over their exhaust. When they start the car, they will definitely hear the shot! This is sure to get them to wonder what just happened and they may never figure it out if this hasn’t been pulled on them before.

Apple for a Teacher
The tradition of giving the teacher an apple is the inspiration for one of the best April Fools pranks for school. Grab an apple and a bag of worms (fake ones that look real work the best for this). Now carve out a small hole where you can place the worm and color in the white of the apple with some black. This will help give it a more realistic look. Once you have it ready to fool your teacher, set it on their desk and watch their reaction!

One Smelly Desk
You need to grab up some limburger cheese to pull of this selection among April Fools pranks for school. Stick the piece of cheese in your teacher’s desk. Just make sure you set it on something so that it doesn’t ruin anything that may be important. When they go to open the drawer, they will have one raunchy smell awaiting them!

Missing Desks
You’ll need a little bit of time to pull this one off. Some help from your classmates will be needed as well to make this joke able to be pulled off as quickly as possible. What you’re going to do is take every desk in the classroom and put them in the hallway. Don’t forget your teacher’s desk too!
This concludes our list of April Fools pranks for school that you can use to pull your teacher’s leg. Just be careful and don’t get yourself into any trouble when you go about pulling one of these off.

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