Harmless April Fools Pranks for School

Harmless April Fools Pranks for School

April fool’s day is probably one of the days people look forward to. The aim is not to celebrate but to have fun with your school mates. Most people will try out pranks to enjoy themselves. It is important to ensure that the pranks that are done are harmless. There are many such pranks which include;

Impossible word search is prank that will confuse all your classmates. All you need to do is look for a puzzle that does not have searchable words. Most of the student will look and look without finding any word. You can keep encouraging them that there are words in the puzzle. To make it even more interesting, inform them that there is a price for every word that is gotten right. This will make the students to have extra morale for finding words that are not there. You can leave only three words in the puzzles “April Fool’s day” which will let them know why they were looking for words that were not available.

Another one of the harmless April fools pranks for school is switching seats or desks. Since every student knows their desks, you can switch their respective desks with those of other students. Better still, you can put something on top of their desks which will make them think that the desk is not theirs. You can switch the desks or seats for the entire class which will leave all your classmates confused unaware of what is going on. This prank can also apply to teachers. You can keep switching places within the class when the teacher turns to write something on the board. This will definitely confuse the teacher because they will keep wondering whether they are seeing well or not. Another prank that can be done on the teacher is putting chalks strategically on the board eraser. When the teacher tries to rub the board, they will write on the board leaving them puzzled. With this prank they are likely to wonder what is going on.

Fake party on this is day is yet another of the harmless April fools pranks for school students. You can inform your friends that there is a party and that there will be celebrities coming to the party. To make it more real, you can make an events wall paper and invitation cards which will make the students to believe you. Once they come for the party, you can surprise them with another party which is different from what they were expecting. The April fools pranks can also be done by the teacher or the kitchen attendant. The teacher can come prepared as though there was an examination and inform the students that they are having an exam. This will surely make them confused because they know that they should be informed about an exam beforehand. Another prank the teacher can do trying to teach the students something that you do not teach them. You can tell that that you are going to teach them mathematics yet you teach them another subject like English.

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