Safe and Funny April Fools Pranks for Schools

Safe and Funny April Fools Pranks for Schools

School is a great place to learn and gives a great chance to hone your creativity. But there comes a time every year when you have to get a little naughty with your creativity and come up with unique April fools pranks for school. The pranks to play at school should not be harmful to anyone but should just give a chance to have a laugh. We’ve got some of the best and easy to do April fools pranks for you to have an idea and maybe create a unique one of your own.

One of the funniest and harmless April fools pranks for school is to give away a prank candy. There are many candies available that although taste normal but can make someone’s breath smell like garlic, fish or something else yucky. A safe but practical prank to play on someone!

Another cool and safe April fools pranks for school can be played in the computer lab. All you have to do is to switch the ports of mouse and keyboards of two computers placed side by side. This way the keyboard and mouse of computer A will control the computer B and vice versa making the computer user confused of what’s going on.

There are job opening April fools pranks for school administrators or the principal. Place a job opening in a newspaper on 31st march for the position of the administrator of your school. Putting it a day before will ensure that the word spreads until the fools day and also makes it sound real. This is bound to have your admin officer wondering what’s going on and who’s behind it. To make more interesting, you could offer a beefy salary with other fringe benefit and give the contact number of your victim so that he’ll spend their day telling the callers that they still have the job.

One of the funniest and effective April fools pranks for school I’ve seen is a sticky coin on the floor. Come to school a bit early and stick a quarter with solid glue at a noticeable place in the hallway. This trick always works and gives you a good laugh.

Some famous April fools pranks for schools include toilet tissue paper pranks like writing a funny note somewhere inside the toilet paper. I had one played on me when I got “I am watching you! Sign, Dracula” and at once I was looking all around if someone is really watching me. Believe me! It really works.

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