Seasonal April Fools Pranks For School Workers

Seasonal April Fools Pranks For School Workers

The most hilarious “April fools pranks for school” was an advert that appeared in one of the daily newspapers, citing how a group of students had managed to sell a school’s prime land on the E-bay website. The advert was as follows: “Quick Sale – 12 hectares of fresh land at the heart of Mumbai.” The school’s management team was lost in utter shock as it tried to answer phone calls from numerous interested buyers. The day was only saved when a certain student informed the management of what day it was and that what had happened was just a prank.

On April fool’s day, a number of practical jokes are a common occurrence. These jokes may be pulled on relatives or close friends and may last an entire day. Some pranks are even carried through media publications. Some pointers of April fool’s day include observing that one buys a friend a memorable gift or takes another to lunch in a luxurious restaurant. Also, nobody should assume it proper to leave work. Therefore, April fool’s day is simply a fun day during which one has to be vigilant, but can also do something just out of the ordinary.

Major April Fools Pranks for School Goers
One could opt to unplug the mouse and keyboard cables from any consecutive computers and then switch them on simultaneous. The unsuspecting victim thinks that the computers have malfunctioned. Additionally, one could also carefully hide a friend’s mobile phone by taping it underneath the suspect’s seat. Then make a call to the suspect’s phone. This is such a light-hearted joke, as the victim frantically searches himself to receive the call, but cannot locate the ringing phone.

Additionally, one can choose to pull a prank on a school administrator, for example, a nurse or a teacher. An amusing prank would be about a job vacancy advert. The catch in this prank is that one has to know the career ambitions of the administrator on whom to pull it. Then write a practical advert and run it in the administrator’s favorite newspaper. Obtain the newspaper in advance, and with the page of the advert open, lay it on the administrator’s desk.

Some quite hilarious pranks that can be pulled in schools can be sourced from internet sites. April fools pranks for school goers are a terrific way for students to break for summer holidays.

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